Painful Sex vs. ‘Normal’ Sex: The Differences Explained With Food

A short film (using hot sauce and and a creatively spliced chilli!) to raise awareness around painful sex and vulvodynia – health issues that affect millions of women, but are often under-reported and misdiagnosed.’Painful Sex vs. ‘Normal’ Sex: the Differences Explained With Food’ went viral on You Tube, inspired media coverage in The Telegraph and HuffPostUK, and was a finalist for ‘Sexual Health Media Campaign of the Year’ at the UK Sexual Health Awards 2014.

finalist media campaign - small

“We loved the concept of juxtaposing sexual health with porn and pleasure, and using humour to engage a wider audience with a serious issue. Not all sexual pain is the ‘delicious’ Fifty Shades kind and we wanted to make a film that would raise awareness of sexual pain in a different context. We want to help support women with vulvodynia, who are finding sex painful, to make a positive journey from ‘Ouch!’ to ‘Ooooh’”

– Sally Turner, Creative Director, Women4Real