Health Coaching

At a standstill with your health issue? Tried everything? Frustrated by the medical system? I’ll help you map out a new plan for your health journey and inspire you to move forward with renewed momentum.

Together we’ll work out how to get the best from your GP, consultant and other health services. We’ll come up with a strategy that empowers you to manage your health issue(s) across all areas of your life – at work, at home and in terms of relationships, sex and all-round wellbeing. I’ll help you set SMART goals, keep you motivated, and we’ll find creative ways to turn your experience into something manageable, meaningful and useful.

Why work with me?

Gynaecological conditions, sexual health issues and menopause can be tricky to navigate. Not only are you faced with a barrage of uncomfortable – often embarrassing – physical symptoms, but on top of this the emotional fall-out and ‘collateral damage’ can be devastating. Myths and misconceptions around women’s health and sexuality need busting big-time. So many women still feel a sense of stigma, secrecy and shame around health issues that can lead to feelings of isolation and frustration, yet with support and guidance, ‘body wisdom’ can be empowering and life-enhancing.

Health charities and patient groups do an excellent job and I recommend you connect with organisations relevant to your issue; I spent 10 years on the management committee of the Vulval Pain Society and co-founded the London Vulval Pain Support, chairing numerous support meetings and workshops. However, there are times when you need a bespoke approach, someone who can take the time to understand your individual needs and concerns and offer one-to-one support and inspiration.

I know, I’ve spent more than 30 years on a personal health journey, learning how to successfully manage everything from vulvodynia and chronic sexual pain to resulting depression, chronic fatigue and an unexpected menopause at 46! It has been a physical and emotional rollercoaster, but I’m stronger for it and my experience now informs and inspires my work across all aspects of women’s health. As well as offering one-to-one coaching sessions, I run talks and workshops, and work as a journalist and PR, specialising in women’s sexual health. I am also co-founder of health and communications consultancy, Women4Real, and I’m writing a memoir, The Chilli Pepper Sex Club, to be published towards the end of 2018.

Let me help you make a bespoke plan to transform your health journey. As well as offering practical tips and tools, I’ll tap into your talents, interests and creativity, so you can positively enhance your health experience rather than just survive it!

Prices and further information

Introductory Session (1 hr) £45

Follow-up Session (40 mins) £40

Block booking (3 x 40 mins) £95 (saving of £25)

One-to-one coaching is available at my practice in East Sussex – in Brighton and Seaford (on occasion, I also run sessions in London). I have found Skype to be a useful means of managing follow-up sessions with clients, and offering coaching to women who live further afield and can’t visit in person. Please contact me for further information and to book.