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What patients want doctors to know…

I’ve just returned from Lodz in Poland, after speaking on behalf of Women4Real with Sabine Tyrvainen at “Woman and Man: Reproductive and Sexual Health”.  Women4Real gave the opening presentation on “What patients want doctors to know”, with a focus on issues relating to chronic sexual pain and vulvodynia. I also read an extract from my forthcoming book, The Chilli Pepper Sex Club, which was well-received and met some wonderful  Polish health professionals including Poland’s top vulvodynia specialist Dr Ewa Baszak Radomanska.

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I’ll be giving the inaugural lecture at Poland’s ‘Reproductive Health Conference’ in June

I’m looking forward to giving the inaugural lecture at Kongresy Medyczne Kobieta i Mężczyzna , with co-founder of Women4Real, Sabine Tyrvainen.  We’ll be giving a presentation on ‘Personal perspectives on sexual health care: What patients want doctors to know’ at the Reproductive Health Conference in Lodz, Poland in mid June, and networking with Poland’s top consultants in sexual health. Can’t wait!

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Take a part in a ground-breaking new study on body awareness & sexual health

Are you a straight woman aged 18+ and currently involved in a romantic relationship with a man that has lasted one year or more? Yes? Then please consider filling in this anonymous survey on body image and sexual health for the Human Sexuality Research Lab at the University of Ottawa. It should take around 10 to 20 minutes to complete and will help PhD students conduct a study on how women relate to their body and the way it may affect their sexual health. Researchers there are curious to know the extent to which positive body image is related to sexual wellbeing and they hope the results of the study will help women who are struggling with body image and sexual issues.

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BBC Casualty “Unsilenced” – powerful episode about FGM wins UK Sexual Health Award

I attended the UK Sexual Health awards on Friday 14th in London as our Women4Real video was a finalist for Media Campaign/Storyline of the Year. Congratulations to the deserving winner of our category, an episode of the BBC’s ‘Casualty’, entitled ‘Unsilenced’, that dealt with Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). A powerful and ground-breaking piece of television – view a clip on the UK Sexual Health Awards website.