I am currently writing my first book which will be published in 2018. The Chilli Pepper Sex Club is a memoir of my journey through chronic vulval pain; a rollercoaster ride from burning pain and sexual dysfunction to red-hot recovery.


In 2013 I co-founded health and communications consultancy Women4Real, with clinical health psychologist Sabine Tyrvainen. Our first project was an innovative short film, Painful Sex vs. ‘Normal’ Sex: the Differences Explained With Food, which went viral on You Tube, inspired media coverage in The Telegraph and HuffPostUK, and was a finalist for ‘Sexual Health Media Campaign/Storyline of the Year’ at the UK Sexual Health Awards 2014. Alongside creative media campaigns and collaborative projects – with women’s groups, arts initiatives and health organisations – we offer workshops and webinars for women on sexual health issues. We are currently working on an exciting new video project in collaboration with feminist cabaret artists, The Ruby Darlings.

Press and PR

In 2011, I led the media campaign for WeAreEQUALS, a coalition of major charities that champion women’s rights (including Oxfam, Amnesty International and Women for Women International) brought together by Annie Lennox, to ensure the centenary of International Women’s Day was a catalyst for positive change. I achieved global media coverage and helped galvanise a new generation of women to help end gender inequality. My PR portfolio also includes work for award-winning public relations agency Global Tolerance Communications on campaigns promoting social initiatives, and on creative projects for pioneering women’s erotic emporium Sh!, for Great Wall of Vagina sculptor Jamie McCartney, and for The Centrefold Project, an innovative film about ‘designer vaginas’.

Journalism – Print, Web & Broadcast

I have written on popular culture for The Independent and for The Guardian’s New Media Lab, and offered comic advice on how to set up a new religion, as The Geoff Show’s religion expert, on Virgin Radio. I’ve also provided an alternative perspective on spiritual issues for The Sunday Roast on Jack FM, and worked as UK correspondent for State of Belief, on Air America Radio, discussing everything from ‘the Jedi faith’ to ‘religion and reality TV’. Prior to establishing my freelance career, I was an editor at Discovery Channel, writing and commissioning features for Destination Discovery magazine, where I developed an interest in the anthropology of women across cultures. I also worked for Condé Nast Publications as online editor of men’s style magazine GQ, where I wrote and commissioned features about sex and lifestyle. Currently I am writing regularly for Netdoctor and Patient on women’s sexual health.

Charity / Not for Profit

Alongside my media work I am actively involved in the women’s health sector. I was on the management committee of national charity, The Vulval Pain Society, for several years prior to launching my business Women4Real, and in 2003 I re-launched The London Vulval Pain Support Group. I have chaired support meetings, recorded podcasts, run workshops and webinars on sexual empowerment, and campaigned for greater awareness of sexual health issues – lobbying parliament, forging links with different cultural groups, securing media coverage and speaking at conferences and medical schools.



After graduating with a 2:1 degree in Media Production I spent 20 years in London before leaving the city, and an editorial job on GQ, to recover from a debilitating bout of chronic fatigue syndrome; I spent three years living and working as a community member at The Abbey Sutton Courtenay, a spiritual retreat centre in Oxfordshire, where I became interested in cognitive therapies and the practice of mindfulness for health and well-being. I now live near Brighton and work freelance across various media projects.